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March 4, 2020
Micah Toll
– Mar. 4th 2020 9:00 am PT

Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE has just announced a new model known as the CAKE Kalk INK. The bike is built on the same platform as CAKE’s legendary Kalk OR electric dirt bike, yet features updates that have helped CAKE substantially reduce the price.

The CAKE Kalk OR was the company’s first model. It features a top speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), is powered by an 11kW (14.8 hp) motor, and sports a three-hour run time from its 2.6kWh of batteries.
While the CAKE Kalk OR is designed for the dirt, CAKE also offers the Kalk OR&, which is a street-legal, road-optimized version of the bike.
The the Kalk OR and OR& are built on a lightweight aluminum frame and weigh in at a paltry 69 kg (152 lb). But what the bikes lack in extra weight, they make up for in extra cost. The CAKE Kalk OR commands a staggering $16,000 MSRP.
Enter the CAKE Kalk INK. CAKE has managed to drop the price of the INK down to just $9,500 while maintaining the same drivetrain and powertrain as the higher-priced CAKE Kalk OR.
How’d they do it?
By swapping out some suspension and body components that turn the Kalk INK into more of a free-riding trail bike than the go-anywhere and do-anything Kalk OR.
cake kalk ink
As CAKE explained in a statement provided to Electrek:
Kalk INK is based on the technology developed for the performance-oriented Kalk OR, featuring the same powerful drivetrain, battery, and robust 6061 aluminum frame/swingarm. Just like Kalk OR, Kalk INK is also strongly influenced by downhill and enduro mountain bikes, in both its ride feel as well as its handling characteristics. While the Kalk OR is designed as a feather-light, precision-oriented motorbike delivering uncompromised off-road performance, the Kalk INK is purpose-built for silent and uncomplicated free-riding through the backcountry and beyond.
Kalk INK differentiates itself from Kalk OR and Kalk& by utilizing a non-linkage rear suspension for simplicity and lightweight motocross front suspension for robustness, a sturdy 19-inch wheelset for added durability and less maintenance, and fenders and bodywork that are made from black, injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS. Top speed is 50+ mph (80+ km/h) with a ride time of up to three hours.

The CAKE Kalk INK will be available worldwide beginning June 1. Riders can already pre-order the bike immediately with a $200 or €200 deposit.
CAKE has been on a roll in the past year, from upgrading their bikes with a Gates Carbon Drive belt-driving system to unveiling the new CAKE Ösa electric utility bike.
I like it. I think it makes sense, as the original CAKE Kalk OR is perhaps a nicer electric motorcycle than some riders need. While it can perform amazing feats, many riders will never be able to push it near its limits or take advantage of the premium performance it can offer.
For those that generally keep both tires on the ground and just want a fun free-riding electric motorcycle for exploring trails, the CAKE Kalk INK can provide that experience at around 40% lower cost.
Of course, just because the CAKE Kalk INK has simpler suspension, that doesn’t mean you can’t go nuts with it, as CAKE’s models have clearly shown…

Not too shabby!
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