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Details and pricing have been listed for the Serial 1 electric bicycle (e-bicycle) Harley-Davidson sub-brand, with pricing starting from USD 3,399 (RM13,839) and deliveries expected in the first quarter of 2021. There are four models in the range – the Rush/CTY Speed, Rush/CTY, Rush/CTY Step-Thru and Mosh/CTY – offering different performance levels and capability.
There are two electric motor fitments for the Serial 1 e-bicycles – a Brose S Mag 250 Watt motor rated to 90 Nm of torque with 25 km/h governed top speed and a Brose TF Mag, with 90 Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 45 km/h.
The Mosh/CTY and Rush/CTY Step-Thru get a 529 Wh lithium-ion battery that takes 2.6 hours to get to 75% charge and a further 2.15 hours to get from 75% to full charge. Meanwhile, the Rush/CTY Speed and Rush/CTY are fitted with a larger 706 Wh battery pack that goes from zero to 75% charge in 3.5 hours with an additional 3.1 hours to 100%.
Range is estimated at between 50 to 145 km for the 529 Wh battery and 56 to 185 km for the 706 Wh battery, depending on speed, ride mode and terrain. Power management uses a Brose Allround LCD display with four ride modes – Eco, Tour, Sport and Boost.
At the low price end of the Serial 1 catalogue at USD 3,399 (RM13,389) is the Mosh/CTY big-tyred “urban playbike” with pedal assist using a Brose S Mag electric motor. Fitted with Schwalbe Moto-X tyres in 2.8-inch diameter on 27.5 x 35 mm rims, the Mosh/CTY – weighing 21.9 kg in Large – uses single-speed freewheel and Gates cabin drive belt, with braking done with 203 mm diameter hydraulic discs.
On the commuting side of things is the Rush/CTY Step-thru – USD 4,399 (RM17,903) – with a frame design that omits the frame top-tube. using the same electric motor and battery pack as the Mosh/CTY, the Rush/CTY weighs 27 kg in Medium frame size and the Prose S Mag’s power goes through an Enviolo CVT hub and Gates belt.
More performance oriented for the city commuter that needs the range is the Rush/CTY – USD 4,499 (RM18,310) – with Brose S Mag motor, Enviolo CVT hub and larger 706 Wh battery. Weighing 26.7 kg in Large frame, the Rush/CTY, like the other e-bicycles in the Serial 1 catalogue, comes LED headlight in the stem, integrated tail and brake lights in the dropouts and an LED lit Serial 1 logo in the head tube.
Top-of-the-range is the Rush/CTY Speed – USD 4,999 (RM20,345) – with high power Brose TF Mag motor that pushes it up to 45 km/h and a maximum range of 185 kilometres. Fitout for the Rush/CTY Speed is similar to the Rush/CTY including the weight at 26.7 kg.
Future Hell Angels rides?
Malaysian made ReeVo Hubless Ebike is a prettier, futuristic game changer.
For the same price.
For JPJ registration compliance for road usage, probably goes to Segway Dirt e-Bike.
75km/h, 120km range, waterproof at the same price range too.
Harley Davidson shall get strong fan base here too,
Bring it on.
The ReeVo Hubless Ebike is not for sale yet. They even don’t have any funding yet, they run a funding campaign on Indiegogo. And the Segway Dirt e-Bike is not a bicycle, but an electric motorbike. Totally different field.
They use a Brose motor? At least they were reasonable enough to use a motor from an established e-bike drive manufacturer. Brose is one of the big players in that field (next to Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha and Bafang).
“with 25 km/h governed top speed and a Brose TF Mag, with 90 Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 45 km/h.”
Just for information: In the EU, the 25km/h version is considered a ‘bicycle’ and can be driven without license, registration and insurance, while the 45km/h version is considered a ‘light motorbike’ and needs insurance, license and registration.
The EU is a big market for both, electric bicycles and Harley Davidson.
will be on highways soon…
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