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It seems you can get almost anything on Amazon these days, including a fully-functional street legal street dirt bike.
It seems you can get almost anything on Amazon these days, including a fully functional street legal dirt bike. The Hawk 250 Enduro, made by a company called X-Pro, is priced at around $1,500 and looks like it could potentially be the answer for a commuter on a budget. The real question; is it any good?
They've been around for a few years now, long enough to get in reviews on the reliability of this bargain bike. Most long-term riders have given positive reviews, which speaks volumes in today's age. Be prepared to set aside a day or two of construction and frustration if you make the purchase, but once together, the Hawk 250 Enduro proves itself to be a capable bike on and off the road.
For around $1,500, is the bargain enduro bike a commuter's dream, or is it more headaches than it's worth? Let's take a closer look.
If you’re on a budget, looking for a weekend project, and in need of easy, reliable transportation, look no further. The Hawk 250 Enduro is street legal in most states as well as the majority of places outside of the US. However, it should be noted that it cannot be shipped to California. If it's allowed in your state, then log onto your Amazon, choose your color, and it’ll be delivered to your house in a crate in less than ten days (reviews claim that it is usually quicker). You'll also find the bike on other sites that ship to parts of the US, if you prefer.
The company X-Pro has a wide variety of off-road machinery to choose from on their Amazon Store (LINK), from mini ATVs to mopeds and scooters. This variant of the Hawk 250 has been available since 2019, but the former “RPS” Hawk 250 Enduro debuted several years prior.
The Chinese bike had grown in popularity all around the world, gaining a reputation for being both durable and reliable. Having any doubts? For an additional $300, Amazon will throw in a three-year unlimited warranty. Based on reviews, odds are a buyer will need to replace one or two finicky parts before the bike is properly sorted – downside of a DIY bike assembly.
The bike doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but they provide a highly detailed video on their Amazon page along with several other videos scattered around YouTube. Think of it as a highly advanced LEGO. The engine and main chassis are together, but the plastic, wheels, and wiring are all up to the buyer. There are also several forums and videos on YouTube to help along the way.
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Once the DIY bike-in-a-box is assembled, the Hawk 250 Enduro stands rather tall, with a seat height of 35.4 inches. The tire setup is knobby and aggressive compared to most enduro bikes, with 80/100-21 on the front and a smaller 110/100-18 tire on the back. The larger front tire is meant for better traction, making the 250 Enduro more suitable on the dirt than on the street. The dirt bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes; the front suspension is supported by double shocks, while the rear uses a central unit shock.
The air-cooled 229cc, 4-stroke engine is good for about 63 mph, depending on the rider’s weight. The 250 Enduro has a steel frame and weighs in at 310 lbs; the maximum weight it can carry is rated at 331 lbs. To avoid too many electrical wires and fuss, the Hawk 250 is a good old-fashioned kickstarter with a 5-speed manual transmission. If you’re looking to squeeze a few additional horses out of your discount bike, several aftermarket mods are available, along with dedicated forums to help along the way.
The most recent models come with exclusive upgrades, including Bluetooth connectivity and a convenient cell phone holder. The 2020 model year came with an upgraded handlebar and a clutch that's easier to use.
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After sifting through pages of reviews, it is surprising to find that X-Pro’s Hawk 250 Enduro has consistently great reviews. Naturally, you will find the occasional reviewer who was obviously frustrated with the build process and a few failed parts, but those who knew what they were signing up for seem rather pleased.
It might make for a good starter enduro bike for the person who doesn’t want to be limited by rock or pavement. It appears to get the job done in terms of light riding around town or a farm. It is likely best to scoot around a rural area, in low-speed areas. If you and a couple of friends were considering getting GROMs but don’t like the miniature size, this might be a better alternative. These bikes aren't that common and would be perfect to get with a group of friends, one of each color, then build and mod together before wreaking havoc around town – respectfully, of course.
The warranty is arguably worth taking up; it’s an additional $300 but will likely pay for itself. Besides, it’s a bike that still comes with an asterisk because it really is a good bike… for the price.
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