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Bosch has just revealed a series of all-new features that will be available on the next generation of electric bikes. The tech company has unveiled its new eBike System, a platform that electric bike manufacturers will be able to use starting from next year. Bosch is one of the most popular suppliers of motors and batteries for pedal-assistant bikes, with brands like Cannondale, Canyon, Kona, Peugeot, Raleigh and Trek all using Bosch parts. Based on what we’ve heard about the latest eBike System, the next models from these bike brands could be seriously impressive.
Motor Power: 250-300 W. Max range: 16-20 miles. Wheel size: 8-9 inches. Water resistance.
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While no bikes from Canyon, Kona, Peugeot, Raleigh or Trek have been announced with the new Bosch kit quite yet, there’s still plenty of drool over. First up, one of the big upgrades that Bosch are introducing next year is the PowerTube 750, which offers their biggest capacity battery to date.
According to Bosch, the PowerTube 750 offers a 20 percent greater range than its predecessor, meaning the next-gen bikes will last longer and help you go on further journeys. This will be powered by a new 4A charger, which takes just six hours to fully charge a battery – or two hours for half charge if you need a quick burst of juice.
This will all work in conjunction with the Performance Line CX drive unit, which Bosch said will provide noticeable improvements when mountain biking.
Bosch said: “The maximum torque of 85 Nm has a noticeable effect on your riding behaviour when eMountain biking. The powerful motor enables rapid acceleration after tight turns and obstacles at a low cadence and facilitates starting up on the steepest of hills. For fast sprints, the motor also supports you at high cadence.”
These new Bosch parts will offer plenty of improvements users will notice when they start pedalling for the first time.
But it’s not just performance upgrades that eBike fans will spot. The new eBike System will also offer plenty of smart upgrades to 2022 electric bikes. One of the most eye-catching additions will be an LED control unit called the Kiox 300.
This will work in tandem with the new eBike Flow app, and offers fitness data to help with your training.
Bosch eBike parts for 2022
The small colour display will offer “optimum readability” at day or at night and will also get new features and receive regular over the air updates.
Elsewhere, Bosch’s 2022 parts range will also include an LED remote. This control centre helps with capturing information quickly and calling up data such as the duration of your ride or the distance covered. The LED remote can also offer a helping hand if you’re struggling.
If you come across a steep hill that you can’t cycle on you can simply press the minus button to activate Walk Assist.
Speaking about the new eBike parts, Bosch said: “The smart system by Bosch eBike Systems — consisting of the eBike Flow app, control unit, display, battery, and drive unit — ensures an individual eBike experience. The new system generation combines technologically high-quality eBike components with digital functions and thus raises your everyday and leisure riding enjoyment to the next level.
“Your eBike Flow app is the key component here. It opens up a fully connected eBike world, for completely new riding options. You can enhance your eBike with new functions and over-the-air updates, record your activities, customise riding modes and keep an eye on all the important information via the Home screen.”
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