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Most dirt bike enthusiasts find their roots in good old mountain biking. Both disciplines of two-wheeled off-road hooliganism require similar skills (and bravery) when it comes to piloting bikes on mud and gravel. In fact, when put side-by-side, dirt bikes and mountain bikes have tons in common—it just so happens that one of them is powered by you legs. 
That said, what happens when you want the lightness and agility of a proper MTB, and the grunt and power of an electric motorcycle? Well, German electric motorbike startup Bykstar seems to have come up with the ultimate platform. At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Bykstar was in fact an electric mountain bike. With its tall front-end, 26-inch front wheel, and MTB-esque frame, the Bykstar surely has the dimensions of a proper lightweight off-road ripper. 
Christian Kugele, the founder of Bykstar, expressed that he wanted to make use of as minimalist a design possible for his electric motorcycle. In order to maximize performance and reliability, weight needed to be minimized. This meant doing away with unnecessary components which, apart from adding weight, add to the number of components that could go wonky, especially in a machine as specialized as this.
A total of four variations of the Bykstar have been unveiled. For starters, the Bykstar Sports is the all-terrain version which comes with rugged enduro tires and long suspension travel. It even gets a fancy RockShox rear monoshock—a premium piece in the mountain bike world. The Bykstar Sports boasts superb off-road capability, and can tackle a vast array of trails, jumps, and even river crossings. Moving on, the Bykstar Custom is a teched-out version of the Sports. Boasting a beautiful anodized frame and upgraded brakes, the Custom features multiple riding modes and on-the-fly telemetry. 
Moving on to the more practical side of things, the Bykstar Urban is equipped with a headlight and a tail light making it street legal for riders with a class L1E driver’s license. The Urban was designed as a fun and practical daily commuter meant to inject exhilaration on a daily basis. Lastly, the Bykstar Cargo has been designed for couriers and delivery services and comes equipped with waterproof panniers and a luggage carrier.
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