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It seems 2022 will be a great year for motorcycle enthusiasts looking to buy a new bike.
A slew of new motorcycles are set to be launched in 2022. It is mostly down to several new motorcycles getting delayed due to the pandemic, but there is also a growing adventure bike market and an ultra-competitive middleweight market manufacturers have to contend with.
One thing is for sure, there is an unusual buzz around the industry at the moment. Although there is a sense that there will be more electric motorcycles popping up over the next few years, that simply isn’t the case this year. ICE might be a dying breed, but for the moment they are ruling the roost in 2022, with a whole lot of new or updated engines to go along with all those bikes.
After more than a decade on the sidelines, the company is getting revived (under new management) and their first offering broke cover just recently.
Unlike Buell sportbikes of old which were powered by lazy, torque rich Harley engines, this one gets a powerful Rotax sourced lump. Claimed horsepower is right on par with the market at 185, so watch this space.
MV Agusta recently stirred the pot a bit, getting their all new Adventure bike to market before the Ducati which was teased for months, only to get upstaged by the “Real” Lucky Explorer.
It is clear that both these new bikes want to trace their roots back to the Cagiva Elefant that won the Dakar a couple of times in the early 90s, but if anything, it is MV Agusta who have a more legitimate claim (and the naming rights). Ducati did supply the engine for that machine though, and their new V-twin is somewhat reminiscent of that lump, just adding some fuel to the fire.
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The 660 range will be growing by at least two bikes this year and if the two bikes already on the market are anything to go by then there truly is much to get excited about.
As much as the baby Tuono is already a great package, the factory edition is a decent step up. It gets a small 5 horsepower upgrade, blacked out graphics and a more adjustable suspension setup with fully adjustable KYB forks up front and an uprated Sachs shock at the back.
The KTM 890 engine will find a home in this retro themed adventure bike that got us all so excited a couple of years ago as a concept bike at Eicma.
It is certainly a little different from that concept bike with a friendlier seat height and an engine everyone, including KTM, are still a little unsure of. After the surprisingly short lived 790 engine got the boot, thanks largely to some shaky reliability, the 890, which shares all of its architecture, is not the “sure winner” we all thought it would be.
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The only way to own a brand new R6 is to buy one of these dedicated track machines. If you are in the market for a track bike, this is pretty much a no-brainer.
At just a shade under $19,000 this is actually incredible value for money, getting kitted out with a host of GYTR aftermarket kit, including that expensive Akrapovic system. The amount of money it would take to get a used R6 to this level might actually be a lot closer to that $19,000 mark than you might think, so you better get your calculator out.
After launching the Trident just recently, we all expected something else to make use of the 660 platform, and the Tiger 660 makes a whole lot of sense.
It is all about accessibility with a lower seat height, price and power output compared to the 850 Sport. It is also unquestionably road oriented, while the more expensive Tigers all have a bit more of a dirt theme to them.
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We initially thought the V2 would get the same engine as the new monster, which would have made it a fair bit cheaper, too.
It seems Ducati were not ready to cannibalize Monster sales, so they equipped it with the potent Superquadro engine, which is good for over 150 horsepower. This makes the baby Streetfighter more than just a little capable, but also a shade less affordable than we hoped.
Arguably the most exciting adventure bike coming out next year. The middleweight adventure bike market has grown substantially already this year and will get a few new offerings next year.
What sets the Tuareg apart is its balance of power and weight, it should make for a fun, flickable machine off-road without sacrificing too much power.
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Quite frankly, not a lot has changed in the dirt bike world this year, with all the big manufacturers playing it safe and just getting by with the customary yearly updates.
Beta are set to be the only manufacturer to launch an all new bike late in the year, quite possibly even 2023, but judging by the way they performed on track this year, it could be a bit of a game changer for the small Italian marque.
With some manufacturers confusing all concerned when it comes to engine size, power and where their bike may fit into the market, this bored out and stroked version of their trusty 800cc triple is up to 931cc and a full size machine in terms of power.
Delivering 120 horsepower, this torque rich machine that stole all Ducati’s thunder might be the most exciting bike in store for us next year. With just the right amount of heritage and more style than anything else claiming to be an adventure bike, it should make a big splash.
The PURA Vision design concept will be unveiled to the public at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August 2020.
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