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The motorcycle manufacturer Zero has revealed that its 2022 SR electric bike line will feature the ability to upgrade the vehicles through in-app purchases. Completed through Zero’s Cypher Store, the upgrades will allow those who own one of the bikes to unlock additional battery capacities to enhance the range of the bike.
As part of this in-app purchase system, users will also be able to upgrade their bike with faster charging, speed and performance boosts, a park mode, heated grips, and on-dash navigation, with each upgrade ranging in different prices depending on the model of the bike.
"The opportunity to customize your motorcycle on-demand is nothing short of revolutionary in the powersports industry," said Jeremy Kent, GM of software and parts & accessories for Zero Motorcycles via Business Wire. "We’ve created the ability to instantly improve the performance of our products without much more than a Wi-Fi signal, offering a dramatic shift in how Zero’s motorcycles can grow and evolve along with the owner."
All of the upgrades are optional, but you can take a look at the ways you can customise the 2022 SR line-up at the Cypher Store here. As for when the bikes will begin to become available, they are slated to be popping up in dealerships in Q1 2022.
Thanks, Engadget.
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