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Central Powersports Distribution (CPD) is importing Torrot electric motorcycles for kids into the United States. There will be four models brought in—two motocrossers and two trials bikes—covering an age range from 3 to 9 years old with weights up to 88 pounds.
Although unfamiliar to many American motorcyclists, Torrot is not a new company. Like many Spanish concerns, it has had a rocky history. Started in 1948 building bicycles, Torrot had popular small-displacement motorcycles in the 1970s. However, by the end of the 20th century, Torrot was no more. However, Torrot was brought back in 2011 and has R&D, engineering, and manufacturing departments at its factory in Girona in the northeast corner of Spain.
The 2022 Torrot Motocross Two and Trial Two are designed for the big kids, while the Motocross One and Trial One models are for smaller youngsters. The maximum weight on the One models is 66 pounds, while the Two motorcycles can handle 88 pounds.
Compared to the smaller Two models, the One models get a more powerful electric motor, a higher-capacity battery, longer rear suspension travel, and larger-diameter wheels.
Wheels and tires differentiate the Motocross from the Trial models. The Motocross bikes have Michelin StarCross tires, while the Trial gets proprietary block pattern Torrot Trial rubber. The Motocross Two has a 14-inch front wheel, compared to the 12-inch hoop on the Trial—both have 12-inch rear wheels. Both the Motocross One and Trial One run 10-inch wheels on both ends.
The 2022 Torrot Motocross Two weighs in at 70.5 pounds, with the Trail Two hitting the scales at 66 pounds. Both One models weigh 62 pounds.
The Torrot minis are smart bikes with motor controllers programable via apps for iOS and Android. Adjustments are made for maximum power, top speed, throttle response, and regeneration level via the app. Additionally, power can be cut remotely. There’s also a power map switch on the motorcycles.
The batteries give a runtime of at least 45 minutes, are swappable, and recharge in four hours. Torrot offers an optional inverter for battery charging via the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle.
“We are very excited about this partnership to bring these high-quality electric motorcycles back to the US dealer network and consumer,” Mark Berg of CPD said. “We have all seen an extensive growth in popularity over the past couple of years for electric kids’ motorcycles, and even electric mobility product. Our previous experience with Torrot will be very beneficial, with the team, knowledge, and history already in place here in the USA.” CPD distributed and managed the Torrot brand in the United States from 2017 to 2019.
2022 Torrot Motocross Two (and Trial Two) Specs
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This week, our contributor Laura Fitzpatrick gives us her impressions of the new Triumph Tiger 660. Laura left her cold and rainy home in Dublin, Ireland for the sunny skies and balmy temperatures of Faro, Portugal to ride the exciting new middleweight. The Tiger 660 uses the company’s excellent new three-cylinder engine slotted into an ADV package, and it seems Laura really liked not just Portugal, but the Triumph Tiger as well.
In this next segment, Editor-at-Large, Neale Bayly, chats with Mike Holliday, owner of the Crossroads Coffee Shop in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Neale lives locally to Mike and visits Crossroads Coffee almost daily, although for some odd quirk of the universe Neale and Mike were somehow never in the shop at the same time, and so never met.  However, when it actually happened, Neale was blown away to discover that Mike was not just a fellow motorcyclist, but that they’d traveled much the same path on trips across South America. Small world eh??  So Mike and Neale get to reminisce about some of their equally crazy travel stories, and give us an insight into what it’s like to REALLY travel on two wheels.
2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Test in Portugal: A Personal Experience 


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