Automakers are now branching out into electric bikes

PARIS: By investing in Greyp Bikes, Porsche is confirming its desire to develop new electric bicycles in the long term, just a few months after launching its first ebike models. The automaker joins other manufacturers who have already chosen to market various soft-mobility solutions, in addition to their regular car catalogues.

Porsche has announced that it has taken a majority stake in the Croatian ebike manufacturer, Greyp Bikes.

The company was created by Mate Rimac ― founder of Porsche.

After releasing two electric bike models in 2021.

The eBike Sport and eBike Cross Porsche intends to expand its activities in this sector.

Wich the eBike Sport is a fairly standard urban model, reminiscent of the large electric bikes sold by the likes of Cannondale, for example.

And the eBike Cross is a more mountain-bike-oriented model.

The two ebikes sell for €9,990 (RM47,250) and €7,990, respectively.

These electric bikes are now an important part of the manufacturer’s e-mobility strategy, and it is likely that the eBike Sport and Cross will soon be upgraded. For its part, Greyp Bikes specializes in the manufacture of electric and connected models, which should lead to an even more innovative range of Porsche ebikes.

With these electric bikes, Porsche is aiming to actively contribute in its own way to the clean-energy transition.

In addition to its electric cars for longer trips, these bikes could be used for short trips in the city. Many car manufacturers have marketed bicycles in the past, with varying degrees of success.

However, the rise of electric bikes could well revive the trend. Among the manufacturers that have already taken the plunge are Mercedes and Peugeot.

Even Tesla has presented a concept of the kind proof, if it were needed, of the current interest in electric bicycles. In terms of mobility, several companies have already released electric scooters, such as BMW, Lamborghini and Mercedes.

Seat has gone one step further by offering a new three-in-one mobility package

involving the rental (with the option to purchase) of a car, an electric motorcycle and an e-scooter. From €249 per month, users can have access to all three means of transport.


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