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Step-through electric bikes cater to seniors, women and shorter riders, but they’re equally accessible for taller cyclists and men. These frames don’t have top tubes, which makes them much easier to mount and dismount. From fat tire bikes to beach cruisers, step-thru e-bikes come in many different styles.
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The RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru is an upgraded version of the previous model, with improvements that offer a more pleasant and efficient ride for urban commuters. For example, a lower standover height makes it easier for cyclists between 4’8″ and 6′ to hop on and off.
This bike is 11 percent more efficient than the RadCity Step-Thru 3, so you can get over 50 miles per charge. Hills and obstacles are easier to overcome on the RadCity 5, which has a custom 750-watt motor. That extra boost makes the bike 40 percent faster on hill climbs than the previous model. Combined with puncture-resistant tires with a custom tread design, this Rad bike is especially economical on the pavement. 
Although the semi-integrated battery is visible, it’s not as bulky as on earlier versions of this e-commuter bike. An LED display indicates how much juice is left. When it runs low, you can quickly remove the battery and bring it inside to charge. Side grips make it easier to grasp the battery. With a 48V 14h lithium battery that’s rated for 800 charge cycles, you don’t need to worry about replacing the battery any time soon.
If you’re cruising or need some extra speed to make it to your morning meeting on time, there are five pedal assist levels to help you find the most appropriate speed. A 12-magnet cadence sensor accurately measures your pedaling speed and sends a specific amount of power to the motor to keep up.
Urban riding can be unpredictable, but hydraulic disc brakes safely stop the bike with a light touch. This gives you more control over your riding, even when the roads are wet. Hydraulic disc brakes require less maintenance than mechanical disc brakes, which is another perk for busy professionals.
With a 275-pound payload capacity, running errands is easier than ever. You can fit a few bags of groceries and cargo on the integrated rear rack. Rad Power Bikes has several accessories to further customize your ride, including this front-mounted basket and the GUB PRO-3 Phone Mount.
Buy the RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru here.
If you’re looking for a cushy e-bike for commuters, look no further than the DJ City Bike. It has a wide, comfortable seat that reviewers of all ages rave about. Rough roads feel a little smoother thanks to a shock-absorbing seat post that dampens vibrations, although the bike doesn’t have front or rear suspension.
Since 2017, DJ Bikes, a family business based in Canada, has been designing and building high-quality and economical ebikes for everyone. The company was named one of Canada’s Top 50 Business Startups in 2020 and continues to expand its selection.
Taller and shorter cyclists can use this ebike. The seat adjusts from 38.5″ to 42.5″ and fits most riders between 5’4″ and 6’4″. With 12 inches of clearance, it’s easy to swing your leg over and comfortably stand over the frame. The heavy-duty 6061-grade aluminum frame supports up to 275 pounds. However, it also means the bike itself is quite hefty. It weighs over 68 pounds and can be hard to carry up and down stairs.
At the heart of this bike is a powerful 750-watt Bafang brushless hub motor. It’s especially useful for seniors and anyone who needs that extra power to ride up steep hills. The motor peaks at 1,000 watts, so you can tackle tough hills and stiff winds with ease. This motor is also virtually maintenance-free.
Whether you want a workout or you want the bike to do all the work, there are five pedal-assist levels. The highest level might be too much for a flat road, but it’s awesome for steep inclines and really windy days. At any level, that extra power feels like a turbo booster in your legs. Many riders find the first three levels to be plenty for the most part. Plus, cruising on lower levels extends the battery range.
Paired with the Bafang motor is a powerful 48V 13Ah LG battery that lasts up to 37 miles, depending on the terrain and electric-assist levels. Several users report averaging around 30 miles on hilly terrain. When you reach home or your office, you can remove the battery to bring it inside for charging.
Buy the DJ City Bike here.
An affordable price tag puts the Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike within reach of budget-conscious shoppers. Don’t let its price tag fool you, as the Cityscape offers a complete package for commuters and urban dwellers.
Numbers matter in the world of electric bikes, especially if you’re looking for long-lasting performance. Heybike outfitted its Cityscape with an efficient 350-watt rear motor and a 36V 10Ah battery that delivers up to 40 miles per charge using pedal assist and 25 miles on full electric mode. This electric bike offers three pedal assist levels. The maximum speed is 19 miles per hour.
With a 360Wh output, this battery is plenty efficient for commuting and running errands and weekend trips to the beach. It’s also removable if you prefer to charge indoors. Plan to set aside between five and six hours to recharge the battery. The included two-year warranty is quite generous.
A Shimano seven-speed drivetrain powers the bike up moderate hills and through urban environments. This electric step-through bike also has a front suspension fork with lockout for your comfort. A suspension seat post minimizes discomfort from rough patches.
The Heybike Cityscape e-bike features basic accessories and doesn’t weigh you down with unnecessary gadgets. You’ll find a bright front LED light with a unique ring design to make you more visible. There’s also an integrated charging port to juice up your phone and other smart devices. A rack with a wide base offers plenty of room to store and transport your belongings.
Heybike recommends this bike for riders between 5’2″ and 6’4″. The seat is adjustable between 32 and 37 inches for a more comfortable fit. A 19-inch standover height makes this bike an accessible option for seniors, women and anyone who prefers this more accommodating frame style.
Whether you’re commuting or running errands, the low step frame is easy on the legs. Swept-back handlebars provide a comfortable upright riding position, much like you’ll find on an electric beach cruiser. The saddle has shock absorbers to dampen rough roads.
Find more Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike information and reviews here.
At first glance, the Charge City Electric Bike is an attractive ride that many cyclists would proudly call their daily commuter. As an urban rider, you’re probably wondering how it stacks up against the competition. From its accessible price to a wide range of innovative features, Charge City is our top pick if you’re looking for a fun and reliable step-through bike.
Charge sent me a City Electric Bike for an in-depth review. 
The bike required some assembly once it arrived. Assembly was straightforward and took around 10 minutes, which is on par with the company’s estimated setup time. I appreciated the user-friendly instructions and the fact that all required tools were included.
My test ride was red, but City Electric also comes in blue, turquoise and silver. It’s also available in a low step or standard frame. The low step version generally fits riders from 5’1″ to 6’0″ and comes in one size. At 5’3″, I found the low-step frame to be quite comfortable and accessible. A low top tube makes it easy to mount and dismount the bike and to stand over the frame as needed. Riders between 5’1″ and 5’9″ will fit on the small standard bike model. If you’re between 5’10” and 6’3″, Charge recommends the large size. 
Created by the same people who make Cannondale and Schwinn bikes, this award-winning e-bike caters to urban cyclists. Features such as full-length fenders, integrated LED lights and a user-friendly display make commuting fun, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.  The front light even has a (quite loud!) integrated horn to alert others. Although the display is small, you can check the current battery level, power assist mode and speed as you cruise.
While its 250-watt Bafang hub drive motor might sound meager, it’s sufficient for most tasks. For example, I comfortably cruised up a long, grassy hill with an 8% grade on pedal assist level three out of five. However, your experience will vary based on factors such as rider weight and terrain. The motor kicks in as soon as you start to pedal, and can take some getting used to if you’re riding an e-bike for the first time. It’s paired with a seven-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur for smooth and reliable gear changes.
As with most ebikes, this one has pedal assist technology. With five available modes, you can select which setting works best for your riding needs. An easily accessible thumb throttle allows you to cruise in fully electric mode when your legs are tired. 
Charge’s estimated 50 miles of range with its powerful 418Wh lithium-ion battery with Samsung cells seems pretty accurate. However, the number will be lower if you’re using higher pedal assist levels. The battery sits snugly on the lower tube and is removable for security and convenient charging.
Some cyclists may wish this bike had hydraulic brakes, but its ProMax disc brakes with 160mm rotors are responsive and dependable, even during quick stops. Its puncture-resistant Goodyear tires felt equally confident on rugged terrain and paved surfaces. The tires can’t compete with fat tires in terms of off-road capabilities, but they’re lightweight and versatile enough for all-around riding. Built with a durable 6061 aluminum frame, this e-bike weighs just 45 pounds, including the battery.
Although the frame doesn’t fold, you can fold the pedals and handlebars for easy storage. The handlebar stems rotate 90 degrees for smoother transportation. Automatic air pressure sensors show green if you’re good to go or red if it’s time to inflate the tires.
Find more Charge City Electric Bike information and reviews here.
If you’re looking for a relatively affordable commuter ebike that looks and feels more like a regular bike than a monstrous electric bicycle, the Ranger R1 from Turboant could be for you. As with any e-bike, the R1 has several advantages and a few limitations. Here are our thoughts after testing it out ourselves.
The Ranger R1 isn’t technically a step-through bike, but its frame is lower than most e-bikes. It comfortably fits most riders from 5’3″ to 6’4″. I’m 5’3″ and had no issues swinging my leg over the frame. 
You can quickly and easily adjust the seat to your preferred height. This Turboant e-bike has a seat height range between 28.6 and 36.5 inches. A 29.1-inch standover height allows most riders to comfortably clear the top tube, which is especially useful if your commute involves frequent stops.
In the Turboant e-bike hierarchy, the Thunder T1 and Nebula N1 fat tire e-bikes are slightly larger overall, with massive tires that plow through tough obstacles. Then there’s the compact folding Swift S1, which is ideal for commuters who need a bike that’s easy to carry on public transportation or up the stairs of a walk-up building. The Ranger R1 doesn’t fold, and it’s not as easy to transport as the Swift S1. However, it has larger tires for better handling, especially on rougher terrain.
With three available riding modes, you can choose between low, medium and high assistance. The highest level is quite powerful, and you’ll feel all of the bike’s 500 watts propelling you along. A Shimano seven-speed derailleur gives you flexibility when it comes to choosing the most appropriate gear for each mode.
I noticed a slight lag until the power kicked in, and the bike rapidly accelerated up to around 20 miles per hour. Unless you’re riding up a steeper hill or making a pass, you might find the medium assistance to be the more comfortable option.
If you’re worried about accidentally activating the throttle, an easily accessible throttle safety button puts your mind at ease. You can temporarily lock the throttle for added safety as you’re cruising through town.
One feature that’s noticeably absent is a large display screen. However, you can still see your current mode and power indicator lights. Data such as speed and trip distance aren’t available. The smaller screen takes up less space, though, and is practical for city riders.
You can cruise up to 60 miles per charge with this battery, depending on the riding mode and terrain. Rolling hills consume quite a bit more juice, but the large-capacity battery should be sufficient for a days’ worth of riding for most commuters and urban cyclists.
Find more Turboant Ranger R1 Electric City Bike information and reviews here.
If you prioritize comfort and stability more than racing around town, the Body Ease could be a good fit. It’s easy to ride and is ideal for beginners and commuters. The mid-range specs ensure this is a bike you can grow into.
Equipped with hybrid tires, this women’s cruiser rides smoothly on sidewalks and rough surfaces. Seatpost suspension supports the back and hips for pain-free cycling. The dual-spring seat also dampens vibrations. You can even adjust the suspension depending on the terrain.
Ideal for trips to the beach and around town, the Body Ease is powered by a 48V battery and a 500-watt rear hub motor. The battery is tucked discreetly under the rack. Not only does this keep it away from splashes and dirt, it also makes it easy to charge. Complete with a 500 watt-hour capacity, the battery lasts up to 20 miles on full electric and 20 to 40 miles on pedal assist mode.
On the back of the bike is a 500-watt rear hub motor with ample power for cruising and urban riding. Unlike a front or mid-drive motor, a rear hub motor starts working instantly as soon as you begin pedaling. It also improves traction. However, tasks such as changing a flat can be more challenging.
Women from 5’3″ to 6′ tall should comfortably fit on this bike. The ultra-low frame requires little effort to swing your leg over, and is easy to straddle at lights. Although the 17-inch aluminum frame only comes in one size, it’s suitable for short, medium and long arms and legs. This bike supports riders up to 250 pounds.
Find more sixthreezero Body Ease Comfort Bike information and reviews here.
This utilitarian SOHOO 26-inch e-bike is a practical choice for all-around riding. From its neat, sweeping lines to a padded and comfortable saddle, this electric beach cruiser works equally well for beach and trail excursions.
Performance-wise, this cruiser bike stands up to competitors with features such as a powerful 500W motor that peaks at 915 watts and five pedal assist levels to keep you cruising at a comfortable pace. Choose between walk mode, which allows you to walk your 66-pound bike home, pedal assist mode, regular bike mode without assistance, and full throttle mode without pedaling. The maximum speed is 25 miles per hour. 
Whether you’re cruising on the lowest level or pushing this bike to its limits, a 48V lithium battery ensures you have enough juice for the task. Ranges vary based on rider weight, conditions and terrain, but the average cyclist can cruise up to 65 miles per hour at 8 miles per hour on a flat surface. That number is even higher in eco mode. 
A 6061 aluminum-alloy step-through frame invites riders between 5’4″ and 6’4″ to hop on and enjoy the ride. You can easily mount and dismount as needed with the accessible 20.6-inch step-through height. Bumps and rough surfaces are easily absorbed by the front fork and seat shocks. If you’re using this SOHOO bike for commuting or grocery runs, the included rear cargo rack makes it easier to transport goods.
Even when the roads are slick, 180mm double disc brakes bring you to a safe stop. If you’re riding in the rain, it’s worth noting the water-resistant wiring harness and connectors. Bright LED front and rear lights make you more visible on the road and trails.
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An accessible step-through folding frame makes the E-Joe XV EPIK Swan especially appealing for seniors, women and shorter riders. Don’t let its compact size fool you, as the Swan is ready for hours of fun on your favorite routes.
When the going gets tough, a powerful rear brushless geared hub motor has your back. Rated at 500 watts with a peak of 860 watts, the Swan packs more than enough power for the average rider. Paired with a 48V 11Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery, the bike runs strong for hours at a time. You can expect a range of up to 40 miles per charge, depending on your weight, riding conditions and other factors.
This Class 1 and Class 2 e-bike features a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour and offers five pedal assist levels with a cadence sensor. A convenient thumb throttle control quickly brings the bike up to speed at your command.
A seven-speed Shimano Tourney gearing system keeps gear changes smooth and precise. This bike also features 20 x 2.125-inch Kenda puncture-resistant tires and front and rear Tektro mechanical disc brakes.
As you ride, you can glance at the LCD display to monitor the most important details. Besides speed and distance, you’ll also find the riding time, battery indicator, pedal-assist level and more. 
The aluminum alloy frame is a sturdy choice for rougher surfaces. Riders up to 300 pounds can comfortably ride this step-through electric bike. It’s also on the heavier side, with a total weight of 50 pounds (including the battery). The good news is that the frame folds to make transporting and storing the bike easier. Wellgo folding pedals save even more space.
With a seat height range from 30 to 37 inches, the e-JOE EPIK Swan suits a variety of bodies. You can even adjust the handlebar height between 41 and 47 inches for a more comfortable fit. A 21-inch standover height makes this folding electric bike an accessible choice for every rider.
EPIK Swan offers plenty of comfort and performance at a reasonable price. Some highlights include a Velo seat with shock absorption and pressure reduction, along with front and rear fenders for hauling goods and groceries. The integrated rear rack holds up to 33 pounds.
Find more E-Joe XV EPIK Swan Folding Electric Bike information and reviews here.
Cruise to work or run errands on the all-purpose ANCHEER City eBike. This lifestyle bike has a 250-watt motor and a large-capacity 12.5Ah lithium-ion battery, making it a sensible investment for urban riders.
In terms of battery life, you can expect up to 35 miles on a single charge. Remove the battery for indoor charging or leave it on the bike to juice up. Nestled inside the integrated rear shelf, the battery is protected against dust and other debris and easily slides out when needed.
This ebike’s top speed is 16 miles per hour. It’s not as fast as some bikes on our list, but you can still shave several minutes off of your commute time. With three riding modes available, you can use this bike on full electric mode, with electric assistance and as a traditional bike.
As with most other e-bikes, the City eBike features an LED display that shows your battery status and speed. You can easily switch between modes as desired.
This electric cruiser has 26-inch wheels that measure 1.95-inches wide. They’re relatively narrow, which means you can expect a more responsive and lively ride on paved surfaces.
A six-speed Shimano transmission with an aluminum alloy crankset offers plenty of gears for cruising around town. This bike has a front suspension fork to absorb bumps and jolts for a smoother ride. Dependable front and rear mechanical disc brakes safely stop the bike, even in the rain.
Find more ANCHEER City Electric Bike information and reviews here.
With a choice between 750- and 1,000-watt motors, the Bakcou Mule is one of the most powerful step-through e-bikes on the market. This 24-inch bike comes with 48V 14.5, 17.4 and 21Ah batteries for maximum performance.
An 18-inch step-through height makes this an accessible e-bike an accessible option for many riders. It’s built with a sturdy aluminum alloy 6061 frame that supports up to 300 pounds.
Take your Bakcou Mule hunting or off-roading. This step-through fat tire e-bike features CST BFT 24 x 4.0-inch tires for maximum off-road traction and performance.
Despite its performance-oriented Bafang Ultra M620 mid-drive motor, the Mule still rides up to 40 miles per charge. An intelligent torque sensor lends a premium riding experience. This mid-drive motor sits close to the ground for efficient weight distribution and handling. It’s also easier to change a flat compared to a bike with a hub motor.
The Bakcou Mule is an efficient hill climber, due to its Shimano Alivio cassette sprocket. This nine-speed gearing system and 11 x 36T cassette easily conquers even the steepest climbs.
When the going gets rough, the BCEB GT MRK AIR Fork with 100mm travel dampens bumps and jolts. Broad 740mm handlebars offer enhanced stability, along with skid-proof pedals with a wide stance.
Find more Bakcou Mule information and reviews here.
Step-through electric bikes are more accommodating for women, but Ecotric takes it a step further with its Lark electric city bike. Not only does this e-bike look sharp, it has many small details that women riders will appreciate.
Dresses, skirts and bikes rarely go hand-in-hand, but Ecotric addresses this issue with an innovative battery shield. The shield sports a wing-like design that prevents flowy materials from getting caught in the rear wheel. Many women also appreciate the functional and stylish front rattan basket. This bike basket is spacious enough for groceries and personal belongings.
The powerful 36V 500-watt rear hub motor is suitable for riding around town and commuting to work. It’s supplied by a 36V 10Ah battery that runs up to 35 miles per charge depending on rider weight, terrain and other factors. This battery recharges in six and eight hours and has an estimated lifespan between 400 and 600 cycles.
While this bike is recommended more for urban riding than off-road adventures, it’s designed for various challenges. A seven-speed Shimano derailleur offers smooth and precise shifting. You’ll also find on-demand pedal-assist throttle and throttle-only modes. Bumps and jolts are absorbed by the suspension comfort seatpost for a smoother ride.
This women’s step-through bike weighs 58 pounds, including the battery. Its sturdy aluminum alloy frame supports up to 200 pounds. The included rear rack is useful for transporting groceries and other goods.
Find more Ecotric Lark Electric City Bike information and reviews here.
Step-through e-bikes have more accessible frames than traditional electric bikes. They’re still heavier and bulkier than most traditional bikes and require a special hitch rack for e-bikes or tailgate pads for trucks for safe transportation.
Many women, seniors and shorter riders appreciate this convenient design. Reduce leg fatigue and unnecessary straining with a low-step frame, which is also found on some of our favorite women’s mountain bikes.
Despite having smaller frames, most step-through electric bikes are quite powerful and built for paved and off-road use. Some step-thru e-bikes feature folding frames and pedals.
The best electric step-through bike for your money is comfortable and well-equipped. We’re big fans of the Charge City Electric Bike, which is loaded with commuter-friendly features, including full fenders and LED lights. It’s also relatively light and has folding pedals and handlebars for easy storage.
Depending on your budget and riding habits, you might choose an all-around bike such as the RadCity Step-Thru 3 or go with a more specialized ride such as the Ecotric Lark Electric City Bike For Women.
Every e-bike has an electric motor and battery. Certain bikes, including electric mountain bikes, have larger motors and batteries and can cruise for longer stretches of time at higher speeds. Regardless of specifications, e-bikes are low impact and emissions-free, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. This makes motorized bikes accessible for many types of riders.
The best step-through electric bikes for seniors have low frames for easy on and off. 
E-bikes are fun and can make it easier to get outside and exercise. Older adults who are no longer able to ride a traditional bike can benefit from the freedom a step-through e-bike provides. For seniors on a budget, a conversion kit for e-bikes can be a cost-effective alternative.
The American Academy of Family Physicians recommends at least 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity for older adults each week.
Looking for indoor cycle options for older riders? Browse our top folding exercise bikes to find accessible bikes that are also easy to carry.
Comfort can be measured in many ways. For example, you might prefer a bike with a dual-spring saddle that absorbs bumps, while your partner might opt for a heavily padded seat. 
Of course, comfort can also include how it feels to get on and off the bike. All of the bikes on our list have a low-step frame that’s easily accessible. Whether you struggle with a bad back or limited mobility, this feature can make a bicycle much more appealing.
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