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Lidl E-Bike 2021: With the Globe Cross Urban, the discounter Lidl offers an inexpensive e-bike that looks quite reasonable at first glance. It drives up with disc brakes, a Samsung battery, and Shimano gears. We do the fact check: Is it worth buying an e-cross bike?
The Globe Cross Urban looks pretty grown up: with a stylish aluminum frame and large 28-inch wheels, it makes an impression when standing. The motor is in the best place, namely in the center of the eBike with a favorable center of gravity.
The price also sounds tempting: Lidl is currently charging 1,349 euros for the e-bike. The recommended retail price for the market launch was 1,999 euros. The Globe Cross Urban is currently not cheaper to find online.
The two hydraulic disc brakes with which the pedelec collects points on paper immediately catch the eye. The Shimano derailleur from the Acera series with eight gears is absolutely sufficient for the intended area of ​​application of the cross bike, which will mainly be used in the city.
The Lidl e-bike does not have a suspension, unfortunately, there is also no suspension seat post installed. Lidl states the weight online at 28 kilograms, the manufacturer himself speaks of 26 kilograms. Either way – the Globe Cross Urban is not a lightweight.
The e-bike manufacturer positions the 36-volt battery from Samsung on the upper part of the frame. Conveniently, it can be removed. So you don’t always have to carry the entire e-bike to the socket.
With a capacity of 10.4-ampere-hours, typical ranges of 80 kilometers should be achievable, depending on the driving style, promises Lidl.
The nameless, brushless mid-motor delivers legally compliant 250 watts and supports your pedaling movements up to a speed of 25 km / h. But it shouldn’t go uphill for too long. In the operating instructions available at this point it says:
Attention: The bike is not suitable for kilometers of steep climbs! The motor could overheat and be damaged.
Actually, this is more of a problem with rear and front engines. A total of five levels of support are available, which you can easily control from the handlebars. There is also an approach aid available that will bring you to a speed of 6 km / h without having to pedal. However, it is not an electric-only mode.
The e-bike is not available in the Lidl branches but is only available from the discounter’s online shop. Here it costs 1,349 euros. Also, there are shipping costs of around 15 euros. The delivery to your home takes place after telephone arrangement by a forwarding agency.
Globe E-Bike Cross Urban is definitely suitable for rides in the city. We really like the disc brakes and the gear shift. On the other hand, you have to cut back on the nameless engine and suspension comfort.
In our opinion, the price difference to the branded pedelecs offered in specialist bicycle shops is too small for us to make an unconditional recommendation.
Since it is not possible to test drive the Lidl bike, we advise you to make an appointment with the local bicycle dealer. On the next page, you can read many more exciting e-bike topics on our overview page.
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