This Graffitied Custom Electric Bike Will Bring Some DBE (Dirt Bike Energy) to Your Daily Commute – Robb Report

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Rachel Cormack
Back in 2019, Swedish outfit Cake unveiled a new electric motorcycle known as the Ösa. The epitome of Scando chic, it was minimalist and functional but slightly lacking in the cool department. That’s where Hookie Co. comes in.

The German customizer has turned the humble Ösa into a graffiti-adorned e-bike with enough attitude to please the most style-savvy riders. The new two-wheeler goes by the name of Ant that Hookie describes as a “tiny thing with awesome power and potential.”

The Ant can be built around the Ösa Lite or the Ösa Plus. As its moniker implies, the Lite is lighter in weight (191 pounds) and power. Its battery churns out 4 kW (around 5 hp) for a top speed of more than 30 mph and a range of 57 miles. The Plus, meanwhile, tips the scales at 196 pounds and offers 10 kW (roughly 13 hp) of clean, green power. This gives the bike a top speed of over 56 mph and a range of 52 miles.

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The fairing can be customized with different colors and themes.  Hookie Co.
At the center of the motorcycle is a unibar that supports all of the new accessories. Arguably, the most noticeable is the new fairing. It can be customized beyond graffiti and gives the Ant a sexy dose of DBE: dirt bike energy. The bike is also equipped with a vegan-leather upholstered seat and saddlebags to carry your things around town with you.
A bit more bad-ass attitude comes courtesy of the fat 14-inch Bridgestone tires that will make mincemeat of most terrain. Elsewhere, the Ant sports a round LED headlight just like a “normal” bike and dual-LED taillights.
“Inspired by the strength of an ant we try to combine fun with urban mobility,” Cake writes on its website. “The benefits are simple—a bike which can do everything.”
The Ant starts at around $20,000 (€16,900). Budding bike builders can also buy the kit for roughly $2,900 (€2400). That’s a relatively tiny sum for a bike that promises this much style.
Check out more photos of the bike below:
Hookie Co.
Hookie Co.
Hookie Co.
Hookie Co.
David Ohl/Hookie Co.
David Ohl/Hookie Co.
David Ohl/Hookie Co.
David Ohl/Hookie Co.
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