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Closure on Wheeler Road, Dec. 12 by Alex Baca.
A driver struck an adult on Wheeler Road in Southeast DC just days after a child was struck nearby while leaving school. Two motorists later collided at that same intersection. Two blocks of Wheeler were closed and speed cameras are being set up.  (John Henry / WUSA9, Thomas Robertson / WTOP)  
Amazon and Arlington County are loaning money to an affordable housing developer to purchase the Barcroft Apartments on Columbia Pike in order to preserve affordability for more than 1,330 units.  (Jo DeVoe / ARLnow)  
Baltimore’s I-83, the elevated highway that winds through the city’s center, is getting speed cameras to crack down on speeds that have gotten as high as 173 mph (you read that right). Only two of six cameras will operate at a time, and signs will let drivers know where they are.  (Emily Opilo / Baltimore Sun)  
People love outdoor dining. QR code menus, not so much. City Paper offers a roundup of what locals are hoping to see in DC’s dining scene in 2022.  (Laura Hayes / City Paper)  
A new Bread for the City medical center in historic Anacostia is seeing new patients come in slowly, even as the center in Northwest DC is packed with patients traveling from Southeast. They are trying to boost awareness of the new center, but some patients like seeing familiar doctors at the Northwest location.   (Michelle Levine / Street Sense)  
A photographer documents DC’s “bike life” of dirt bike and ATE riders, a community of largely Black men. They say while many see their hobby as dangerous, it also provides entertainment and joy in neighborhoods where outdoor activities are limited, and an alternative to violence for teens. The bikes are illegal in public spaces in DC, but some say the District should create space for people to ride legally.  (Dee Dwyer / NPR. Tip: Chester B.)  
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