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I recently published a 2-year update of my experience with a Blix Aveny e-bike—a steed so trusty that it’s almost as much a part of the family as my ugly blue Nissan Leaf, which I never did get around to selling by the way. I was interested, then, to receive a press release from Blix announcing it is launching a range of updates across their entire product lineup of city, cruiser, cargo, and folding e-bikes. 
Consistent with my previous impressions of Blix—and my experience of riding one—the updates appear to be focused on threading the needle between practicality and affordability. Indeed, a statement from company founder and CEO Pontus Malmberg would suggest the goal is to remain firmly in the good, practical e-bikes for ordinary people category: 
This approach manifests itself in the Packa Genie, for example, which is Blix’s electric cargo bike. The new and improved model will feature a stronger 750-watt hub motor with higher peak output and torque, high-performance hydraulic disc-brakes for improved stopping power, and perhaps most excitingly a 1,228 watt-hours dual battery option that increases range up to a whopping 80 miles per charge. The Packa starts at a fairly reasonable $1,699, and even the dual battery option comes in at $1,999. 
Perhaps the most comparable competition would be the Rad Wagon 4—which currently retails at $1,899—but offers closer to 45 miles of range. (Fellow Treehugger writer Katherine Martineko is a big fan of her Rad Wagon 4.)
Meanwhile, some of the larger, heavier-duty box-on-a-trike type cargo bikes are like the Ferla are going to set you back well over $3,000 as a starting point, and also claim 45 miles or so of range. (Although it sure would be nice to just pile all the groceries into the front of one of those beasts.)
In addition to the new Packa Genie, similar upgrades are evident across the product line, offering better performance, increased power and range, improved riding experience with high-performance brakes, increased tire sizes, and new colors too. We are actually hoping to get our hands on one of the new Blix models soon for a test ride, but in the meantime, here’s a summary of what’s on offer in the new lineup. 
Packa Genie – Electric cargo bike, $1,699 (single battery), $1,999 (dual battery)
Sol Eclipse – Electric cruiser bike, $1,599
Vika+ Flex – Electric folding bike, $1,699
Aveny Skyline – Electric commuter bike, $1,699
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