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Just like with automobiles, there are motorcycle enthusiasts who crave the excitement of all-terrain adventure. It may not be exactly along the same lines as overlanding, but the adrenaline rush is on a different level. Motocross fans who want to make the green switch can check out the Graft EO.12 which was just unveiled recently.
When a machine is supposedly competition-ready, weight management can mean victory or defeat. Even if you have no interest in racing, this can improve overall performance anyway. Graft is a Taiwanese startup specializing in zero-emission all-terrain machines.
Their electric dirt bike packs cutting-edge technology with outstanding engineering. One look at the Graft EO.12 and it’s clear that everything about the build is intentional. There doesn’t seem to be anything superfluous here as every component the goes into the frame serves a specific purpose.
Thus, what you get is a remarkably slim and lightweight electric two-wheeler designed for rough fun. Graft goes for a CNC-machined billet frame to improve the overall rigidity of the structure. As such, say goodbye to unsightly welding deformations and hello to consistency.
On the performance side of things, the Graft EO.12 features an electric drive system that produces 26.8 horsepower with a jaw-dropping 324.5 lb-ft of torque. Moisture never becomes an issue here as the IP67-rated construction will keep it going no matter what.
Instead of on the handlebars, the touch-screen all-in-one gauge sits on the top frame where the fuel tank should be on a regular dirt bike. Its three-way adjustable FOX Racing suspension ensures a smooth ride each time. An aluminum frame, carbon fiber wheels, and 3D-printed titanium drivetrain components mean the Graft E0.12 just weighs approximately 110 lbs.

Images courtesy of Graft
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