Indian Inventor's Revolutionary Device Can Turn Any Bicycle Into A Fast Motorbike –

Is it a bicycle? A motorbike? Nah, it’s both, courtesy of an Indian inventor who is changing the game. Gursaurabh Singh has invented a device that “converts any cycle into an electric cycle in minutes.”
The creator of Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit (DVECK), Singh believes the invention has the potential to revolutionise India. About 58% of daily commuters in India depend on classic Indian cycles that are rather slow and make long travels difficult.
bicycle Dhruv Vidyut
The founder of Dhruv Vidyut, Singh’s YouTube channel claims that the device “will upgrade a [bicycle] to a motor and battery-powered electric cycle.” 
The device fits snugly in the body of a bicycle, helping cycles reach top speeds of 26 kilometres per hour. It can also manage up to 170 kg of payload with a range of 40 kilometres.
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In the clip below, Singh is showing the strength of the device, which can keep bicycles running even on extremely muddy roads. In addition, the converter is fireproof and waterproof as well!

The convertor essentially turns a classic bicycle into a makeshift motorbike. Boasting a bolt-on fit, the tech requires no welding, cutting, or modifications to work with a bicycle. On the handle, there is an ignition switch, a battery indicator, and a throttle!
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Built entirely from aluminium, the convertor device has a charger inlet not only for the device but also for your electronics. NO electricity? No worries – simply pedal on. According to Singh, 20 minutes of pedalling charges 50% battery.
bicycle Dhruv Vidyut
Currently, there are 8 crore bicycles and rickshaws running across India and Singh is on a mission to make their commute easier and faster with DVECK. “This invention is compatible with every single one of them,” Singh’s YouTube channel claims.
What do you think about this novel invention that could drive meaningful change in India? Let us know in the comments below. For more in the world of technology and science, keep reading
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