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With the growing penetration of electric vehicles around the world, militaries and armed forces of several countries too are adopting these vehicles for their mobility purposes. Not only electric cars or pickup trucks, but electric bikes too are finding an increasing number of takers among the government armed forces around the world.
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More and more armies are testing electric motorcycles. While the range and speed of these electric motorcycles are important, the most important USPs are the capability of silent drive and robustness – two major factors for any force during stealth missions.
The latest in this list is the Australian Army that is testing the Sur Ron Firefly electric bike that is capable of running on roads and on rough trails at ease.
Here are key reasons why armies around the world are focusing on electric vehicles for mobility needs:

Quiet reconnaissance

One of the main reasons why armed forces across the world are increasingly testing electric motorcycles for mobility purposes is the comparative silent drive offered by these vehicles. With lesser moving parts in these motorcycles, these vehicles have almost no sound. For the armed force personnel assigned for mobile reconnaissance, this comes as a great advantage.

Weather and terrain advantage

Electric motorcycles don’t use petrol or any kind of oil. This means there is no chance of any leak. These e-vehicles can be used in any kind of weather and on any type of terrain. No chance of water leaking into the powertrain and making the bike inoperable. Also, if required, these electric motorcycles can be made inoperable with a removable battery. They can be transported anywhere easily and used immediately.

Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable

The electric motorcycles are more lightweight compared to their ICE counterparts. This makes these electric bikes easily manoeuvrable and easy for transportation as well. These can be taken anywhere and used, be it a smooth road or a rough terrain.

No heat signature

The heat signature of a vehicle emitted from the combustion engine is something that makes a vehicle recognizable more easily. This can be a serious security threat. An electric vehicle on the other hand heats up but much less. Also, an electric vehicle cools down much faster than an ICE vehicle. This makes EVs much safer for armed forces’ use.

EVs that can swim?

The Australian Army put the electric motorcycle on a swimming test. With the fully integrated technology and less moving materials and no exhaust, electric motorcycles can be capable of wading through shallow water easily.
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