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If any motorcycle would be perfect for an electric makeover it’s a Supermoto. And thanks to Sur Ron, it’s happening!

SUR RON have released a video showing their latest electric motorcycle, a full-bore Supermoto called the Boom Bee carving up a dirt track.

It’s possible you haven’t heard of Sur Ron, they have mainly been playing in the lightweight electric bike sector, making off-road machines that look like a cross between a pedal cycle and a motocross bike. And if the leaked information we have is anything to go by, it’ll also be one of their first road-legal models too.
If there is one style of motorcycle that’s crying out for an electric makeover, it’s the Supermoto class! The small tank size, generally short rides and a need to instant torque are all trade-offs of going electric. For most these are the downsides of an E-bike but in Supermoto form you don’t want epic tank range, you just want all the power and torque when you need it.


Some leaked information also sheds some light on the machines potential performance, with two versions available, either 72V or 96V power system.
Peak Power:16.5KW / 22bhp (72V);21.5KW / 29bhp (96V)
Top Speed (sport mode):56mph (72V);63mph (96V)
Top Speed (turbo mode):62mph (72V);68mph (96V)
Acceleration(S):2.0 (0-31mph)
Acceleration(S):3.3 (0-37mph)
Acceleration(S):4.3 (0-49mph)
RANGE:72V Version 77 mile(@37mph)
Tire Size (Road Legal Version):Fr. 110/80-19;Rr. 140/70-17
Tire Size (MX Version):Fr. 80/100-21;Rr. 100/90-18
With no confirmed date of release or the price, we can only guess that the machine is in its final stages of testing and that some appearances at the winter’s tech shows will be a likely.


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