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Would you love to have sleek Porsche POAHY, -0.73%  in your garage – especially an electric one like the sumptuous Taycan – but don’t quite have the roughly six figures it takes to buy one? Well, how about a bike? As in a bicycle. More specifically, a Porsche bicycle – and an electric one at that.
Good news, bad news: Porsche has just unveiled two new electric bikes. But you’ll still need Porsche-buyer money to get one.
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The German automaker behind vehicles like the iconic 911 sports car and Cayenne SUV is also now offering a pair of electric bikes. One is for the road and is called the eBike Sport. The other is similar to a mountain bike and called the eBike Cross.
Both are made in Germany in collaboration with electric bike specialist Rotwild.
The bikes are sophisticated affairs with full suspension, a carbon frame with a shape meant to evoke the Taycan, and high-performance brakes. They wear the Porsche name, remember.
Porsche says the road-going eBike Sport is great for city duty and has a motor that supports speeds up to 15 mph. The more rugged, all-terrain eBike Cross, is a beefier affair ready for off-pavement adventure.
Naturally, both bikes fit in a unique rear carrier for another electric Porsche – the just-introduced Taycan Cross Turismo.
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The eBikes will be offered in three frame sizes – small, medium and large – and are slated to arrive this spring at Porsche dealers and select bike shops.
Oh, and about that price. Remember — we said it takes some money to get into the Porsche of bikes. The Porsche eBike Sport will cost $10,700, while the eBike Cross retails for $8,549.
This story originally ran on Autotrader.com.
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