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April 9
Micah Toll
– Apr. 9th 2022 7:43 pm PT

CAKE may be best known for its stylish and highly-designed electric motorcycles. But the company’s latest teaser today seems to imply that a lighter electric two-wheeler is in the cards for the brand’s next model.

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It’s hard to say exactly what CAKE is working on, as the image is zoomed in to show just two frame members welded at a sharp angle.
But those two frame members appear to use tubes that are narrower than those seen on CAKE’s larger electric motorbikes and e-mopeds.
They also join at an angle that quite closely matches with the top tube and down tube of a bicycle frame.
The teaser image also includes the following caption:
“The product line expanding, pre-launch starts soon. The new bikes are developed for a new user matrix, supporting the CAKE mission: To speed up the journey towards a zero emission society, combining excitement with responsibility.”

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A move even further into light electric vehicles like electric bicycles would make sense for CAKE.
After getting its start with electric dirt bikes, CAKE rolled out street legal versions followed by lower speed electric motorbikes and then even smaller and more muted electric mopeds.
So continuing the trend of releasing even smaller and lighter two-wheeled EVs could eventually bring the brand to a true electric bicycle.
As a European manufacturer though, CAKE would be limited to European e-bike laws when selling on its own continent. That means low-power 250W motors and a paltry speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h).
In the US, CAKE’s e-bikes could potentially feature three times that power level and nearly twice the speed, up to 28 mph (45 km/h).
Though this assumes CAKE is even building an electric bicycle at all. The frame members certainly look like they match the front triangle of a diamond frame on a bike, but CAKE could just be trolling all of us by purposefully photographing a small section of a different vehicle’s frame that looks vaguely bike-ish.
If you ask me though, I bet dollars to donuts that CAKE has an e-bike coming.
Just for fun, here’s the CAKE teaser image lined up decently well with the frame of the new VanMoof A5 e-bike just announced this week. See? It could work!
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