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In this world, there are some people who just can’t stop making things. Whether you’re one of them, or you simply know someone who is, you’re probably familiar with someone with this mindset. That seems to be one of the major animating forces behind Armstrong Electric Vehicles founder and president Nathan Armstrong—an engineer whose past work includes chief technical officer at Aptera, as well as work on the International Space Station. 
In 2022, though, Armstrong Electric Vehicles just released its first-ever electric motorcycle, the EB1. It’s powered by a 6000W brushless DC motor, which the company says can yield a 110 kilometer per hour top speed (or about 68 mph). Other impressive claims include a zero to 60 time of 3.5 seconds, as well as a nice, light curb weight of 150 pounds.  
The EB1 was entirely designed, engineered, and manufactured in Alberta, Canada—where the company says it has already created 30 high-value jobs in the region. Other key specs include making a claimed 30 horsepower at the rear wheel, as well as achieving around 90 kilometers (or just under 56 miles) on a single charge. The battery is swappable—and is also compatible with Segway and Sur-Ron units. A higher-power battery is reportedly coming soon, though no details on this are available just yet. 
The frame is a 4130 cro-moly steel trellis unit, and the EB1 also gets a 6061 aluminum billet swingarm and guards. It’s an electric motorbike, with an emphasis on the bike part of the equation—both mountain bike and motocross suspensions are compatible with the EB1’s existing design, per Armstrong. The seat is adjustable to 12 different positions, while the foot pegs can be adjusted to six different positions. Upholstery is plant-based, and owners have a choice of either hemp or carbon composite panels when their EB1 is built. 
Other cool features of the EB1 include a fully-powered reverse function if you need it, a regen-only rear brake, six ride modes including a rider-customizable mode, built-in anti-theft system, built-in OBD1 port, a touchscreen and proprietary digital gauge cluster, an auxiliary 12V outlet, external USB charging plugs, and a two-stage horn which Armstrong lists as offering “polite + LOUD” modes. If all that’s not enough, there are also connection points for a trailer or sidecar, should you want them. 
Available accessories include a custom short seat with Courier rack, side bags with a built-in battery charger, and a DOT lighting kit. Armstrong also adds that a cell phone holder with inductive charger mounted in a tank top is coming soon as of March 28, 2022. 
A fully-customizable, limited-edition EB1 offering is currently listed for sale in Armstrong’s online shop at $15,000 Canadian—which works out to about $11,981.
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