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Kawasaki has released a teaser video announcing an upcoming new motocross motorcycle that will be unveiled on June 7, 2022. The short teaser videos show images of a young rider and a dirt course, along with the tag line, “The Good Times Are Electric.” While the teaser does not give us a glimpse of the upcoming bike at all, it’s expected to be a mini dirt bike designed for younger riders. The video shows a small child, dressed in motocross gear, staring off into the distance of what is unmistakably a motocross track.
The Good Times are Electric ⚡️Stay tuned for June 7th. Sign up to learn more at: https://t.co/sNf6sioczE#GoodTimes #Kawasaki pic.twitter.com/T0qP6qmqJG
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Last year, Kawasaki announced plans to release several electric and hybrid motorcycles by 2035, and the latest announcement could well be the beginning of a new electric era for Kawasaki. There are no details on the upcoming electric bike, but some reports indicate that this could be an electric balance bike, called the “Elektrode”. Balance bikes are meant to get small children comfortable with two-wheelers, and gradually getting comfortable to learn to operate a powered two-wheeler. What’s not clear is if the teaser hints at a beginner-level balance bike, because the images imply an electric dirt bike. The teaser has been released by Kawasaki USA, so there’s no chance that it will be likely introduced in India.
Join us on June 7th for a big announcement. You’ll want to bring some friends. Sign up to learn more at: https://t.co/kC9D176Ooy #GoodTimes #Kawasaki. pic.twitter.com/7ZXU2gB8B5
A subsequent post on Kawasaki’s social media channels also hint at ATVs and side-by-side vehicles, so the announcement on June 7 could be more than just one electric bike. In fact, Kawasaki could be announcing a whole range of new electric vehicles, most of them designed for off-road use.
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What is pertinent is the development of electric powertrains for Kawasaki’s range, and this could well be the beginning of an electric future for one of the big Japanese motorcycle brands. More details on if it will be a one-off electric dirt bike, or more than one electric product from Kawasaki, will be announced on June 7, 2022. So, the wait won’t be that long. It’s also not clear if the name “Elektrode” will be the name of one particular model, or will be the name of a new vertical spanning all of Kawasaki’s future electric vehicles.
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