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Electric motorcycles are the future of the industry as electrification spreads to all market segments. Most recently, motorcycles for younger riders are now embracing the change.
Honda has joined the bandwagon with KTM in its latest offer of off-road motorcycles for kids. Joining hands with the Californian company, Greenger Powersports, this new design is packed with greatness.
Dubbed the youth motorcycle, the Greenger x Honda CRF-E2, comes with a 48-volt low-voltage electric motor, producing a maximum power of 2.5 kW (the equivalent of 3.4 hp). It features a lithium-ion battery that offers up to two hours of range with a full charge.
The battery is removable and is chargeable in a few seconds for a backup battery.
This motorcycle is currently only available in the United States, at a price of US$2,950.
KTM had already made its presence in this field, with its electric mini-motocross bike, the SX-E5. The cost of the bike is albeit twice as much as the Honda bike.
Nevertheless, the idea of offering such motorcycles to a younger crowd is attractive and has received an overall positive response. For a generation that is no stranger to electronic items and systems, a rechargeable motorcycle is a manageable vehicle suitable for them.

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