CAKE Wants Your Kids To “GO” Have Fun With Their All-new Electric Minibike – Top Speed

Swedish electric bikemaker Cake has taken the wraps off its all-new kid’s lineup of bikes. While two of these are balance bikes called Ready and Steady, our eyes are set on the top-of-the-line all-electric mini dirt bike dubbed the Cake Go.
Let’s take a look.
Being a mini dirt bike, the design of the Cake Go is..well, like a dirt bike}, but scaled down}. Designed for ages six and older, there’s no headlight or tail lamp and all you get in the name of bodywork is a single motocross-like body that features a flat seat. Not to mention, this makes the Cake Go unusable on public roads.
All this, coupled with the bike’s graphic-less ice blue livery, makes the package seem a little too serious, especially for something that’s targeted at kids.
As expected from a mini bike, the seat height is super low at just 25.2-inches and the bike comes with a weight limit of just 88-pounds. The latter makes it unrideable for even young adults, let alone proper adults which seems like a missed opportunity as this has all the ingredients of an epic pit bike.
Anyway, coming to the nitty-gritty, the Cake Go has a 1.5kW motor and a 422Wh battery pack, giving it a top speed of 25mph and 1hr of run time, respectively. Interestingly, guardians can decrease the power to as low as 600W if needed.
Meanwhile, the battery takes four hours to charge, a little too much for such a small unit.
The bike is built around a steel frame and employs telescopic forks along with a gas-charged mono-shock for suspension duties. As a bonus, you also get 14/12-inch (F/R) spoke wheels wrapped with Michelin knobbies to help the bike be a capable off-roader.
Finally, the feature list here comprises ride modes, a small LCD, and single disc brakes at both ends.
Cake has priced its smallest electric bike at $3,500 and you can place an order for one begun via the company’s official website. Shipping, however, will start in late May 2022.
The Cake Go locks horns with the newly unveiled Honda CRF-E2.
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