Handcrafted from the ground up by Graft’s engineers, the EO.12 two-wheeler is described as the world’s first off-road bike to feature carbon fiber wheels, which are 25 percent lighter than regular ones. Graft is an EV manufacturer based in Taiwan, founded by American-born engineer Azizi Tucker. Passionate about building vehicles, he made his first bicycles when

November 17 Micah Toll - Nov. 17th 2021 6:34 am PT @MicahToll Electric two-wheelers have become an area of intense research and testing for special operations forces around the world. The latest example we’re seeing is a novel application of a helicopter outfitted with a pair of electric motorcycles for stealthy insertion. (adsbygoogle =

August 15, 2020 Micah Toll - Aug. 15th 2020 4:53 am PT @MicahToll Delfast’s bikes are normally known for their excessively large batteries and equally excessively high speeds. But now the Kyiv-based company is heading into decidedly dirtier territory with their new Delfast Cross Dirt electric bike. And you’re definitely going to want to